Is Content is King for SaaS SEO?

October 4, 2013

Your a modern SaaS company, so you already know the importance of content.  And for years it has been put on a pedestal as one of the most important aspects of Search Optimization for SaaS companies.

The question is, between the growing importance of Core Web Vitals ( speed and usability), social, inbound linking, external linking and many of the other factors, is content still king?

Now, the reason for this question is that the idea of content as king means that it rules all - no other SEO factor compares to it. For SaaS companies, driving organic traffic is a key strategy for user acquisition.

One argument for content being king is that other really important factors such as inbound links and social activity are impacted by the quality of your content.

Yes, SEO professionals waver about the importance of both inbound links and social, but the reality is that Google looks for relevance and quality. The number of quality links into a page and its activity on social sure are signals of both relevance and quality. So, there cannot be any denial that these factors have to impact rank in a significant way.  The reality is that search engines have just gotten smarter at weeding out the spammy or invaluable links versus the good ones. So, the naysayers are the SEO folks who lived their career building crappy links.

With quality content often comes links. I think your article or tool is amazing so I want to use or share it with my audience. Even the type of content that you create can impact whether you are naturally building inbound links.  Often other articles will link to references to statistics, quotes, templates and other nuggets that bring value to their content.

For SaaS companies that have a niche and target very focused industries, there is a ton of opportunity to create this type of content that is fodder for inbound linking.

As with inbound links, sharing on social comes from folks who find your content valuable.

On top of these two factors being impacted by the quality of content, search engines are now analyzing content with algorithms to evaluate the quality of that content along many different factors.

Is content still king when it comes to SEO for SaaS?

I would argue that it is. Yes, you need to have a well optimized site and user experience, but content is the center of that. It's what visitors come for to learn, answer their questions, solve their problem, be entertained or whatever.

Plus, it is the content that influences them to act - if it does help and convince them of your value then you earn a conversion or at least brand equity.

You can argue all day long about other factors with SEO, but the reality is that content is the hub in which all other aspects should revolve around.

If you are a SaaS company looking to generate leads, then focus on quality content - quality over quantity every single day.

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