The Client's Need

QLess had a flat and content heavy site that struggled to convert.

They were looking to address three primary objectives:

  1. Increase overall site traffic to uplift lead generation.
  2. Strengthen brand identity and recognition.
  3. Increase signups, site conversions and social media following.

QLess came to Insivia looking for a new website that would quickly and more effectively articulate what it is that their software does, provide an improved customer journey, to ultimately convert more leads.

Since they target different audiences that have different needs and use cases for the platform, this had been a struggle and, despite what appeared to be healthy amounts of organic traffic, their conversion rates were indicative of this.

QLess hired Insivia to solve the challenge of the user experience, providing clarity along the way, and help drive more business.

Modern Design

The new website design focused on a cleaner and more modern design with a greater focus on the specific type of appointment being made.

The company's design process followed a modular, content-driven methodology that allowed them to create microsites for various types of appointments to continually improve the user experience and creative work.

Custom Graphics

Simple, clean and modern

Animated HTML graphics now allow the user to immediately visually understand what QLess's solution does.


Greater Context Without A Click

Beyond simplifying the messaging to allow visitors to immediately understand what QLess offered, we felt it was crucial for visitors to gain context of what is available at the site without a single click, which is what the new mega menu accomplished.

The mega menu was developed to allow for a more organized and navigational user experience.

Custom-Coded Target Audience Selector

QLess has multiple target audience subsets, which include education, government, retail, healthcare, logistics, and events.

And to add to the complexity, each of those subsets have different needs based on the number of locations served, number of lines, etc. We needed a solution that would deliver the most relevant information to the visitor based on what audience subset and business challenges they face.

Our custom-coded target audience selector allows visitors to specify their industry, number of locations, number of lines, and delineate if they serve walk-ins, appointments, or both.

Using this information, Insivia can deliver the most relevant content on their website to each visitor.

The new site is more focused on providing users with a better user experience and allowing them to get the information they are looking for right away. It's clearer about what type of appointment being made so users have an easier time finding the right information for their needs.


Insivia created a bold, engaging software product site that instantly increased conversions.

The new design creates a better experience for booking appointments, increased target audience engagement and increased recognition.


"We only recently launched, but since launch we've seen: - a 3% increase in weekly traffic to the website - an 81% increase in MQL-to-SQL conversion rates - a 50% increase in qualified demo requests.


On top of their expertise and stellar skill sets, they were genuinely invested in the success of the project and our company. They didn't try to rush us through the process or do the bare minimum to collect a check. In fact, they often worked late or on weekends just to make sure our project was on track from both a quality and timeline perspective."