International and Regional Growth Continues for Insivia

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With over 70% of clients outside of Ohio, Insivia expands its footprint across the globe.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, Sept. 8, 2020 — Cleveland-based growth consultancy and agile marketing agency Insivia continues to extend its international client reach after bringing in new clients based in Canada, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

The growth comes as a byproduct of Insivia’s increased focus over the last few years in partnering with software and technology companies. The motivation for focusing on this area comes from Insivia’s founder and CEO Andy Halko bolstered by his technical background and experience in guiding businesses with flat sales reach new heights through marketing and sales initiatives.

Halko explains, “We’ve transformed from being a local Cleveland agency into a geographically diverse, laser-focused consulting firm. We have created a high demand for our services and requests from all over the globe based on our specific experience and capabilities, as opposed to simply being local.”

Commenting on her positive experience with Insivia, Diera Hartono, VP of Merchant Services at Jakarta-based Gojek, explains, “For months my team and I have struggled to find just the right solution for our perpetually complex branding problem. Insivia then came in and helped us to bring a structure that is flexible enough to play around with, yet is solid enough to become a foundation for our group of brands.”

In addition to expanding its presence outside the United States, Insivia has welcomed new stateside clients operating in Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Portland, and Washington, DC.

Halko states, “While we still work with regionally-based companies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, we’ve been drawn nationally to tech hotbeds such as San Francisco, Austin, and New York, which a number of our clients call home.”

The Insivia team utilizes live-stream technology to deliver weekly educational shows that share insight into their methodology and specific expertise with technology, device, and software companies.

“Our own success in driving opportunities worldwide demonstrates the proven success in our approach,” further elaborates Tony Zayas, VP of Growth. “It’s exciting to have generated both national and international demand, and we look forward to expanding our client base and providing companies and organizations with premium, unparalleled products and services.”