Should You Only Focus on Google?

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Today Andy lets you know if you should only focus on Google or if you should include all search engines in your campaign.

Video Transcription

Good morning everybody I’m here today to talk about a common question we have with search optimization of whether you should focus just on Google are also look at some of the other search engines that are out there. Well the truth is, is that they will have the majority of traffic. Typically eighty-six to eighty-eight percent of searches go through Google while the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing and even Facebook have a much lower at seven to six percent and even one point four percent of search traffic but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider them those are still a lot of visitors that are going through and potentially could be clients for your site. So you really need to think about a balanced portfolio when you’re looking at your search optimization and obviously with dual being the primary one you wan to focus on that but also take into consideration the other search engines so if you’re coming up with the strategy don’t just focus on Google but also make sure that it is a prime part of your strategy and keep those other search engines in mind. So we hope to see you at our seminar this March, 28th at 11:30am and make sure you register on our site and you’ll see the address in a second.