Insivia Announces Beta Launch of Breakthrough

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CLEVELAND, OHIO, June 2, 2021 – Insivia is excited to announce the beta product launch of Breakthrough, a cutting edge software that combines both expertise and consultancy to empower organizations to develop and formulate a more organized, defined, collaborative, and strategic vision for their businesses.    

After years of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to help them align core elements like their visions, missions and values with strategies that can be scaled and optimized for growth, Insivia Founder and CEO, Andy Halko, made the decision to transform his passion and industry knowledge into the creation of a self-service, interactive and smart platform.

Halko explains, “It’s always been my goal to develop a user-friendly and seamless system for business leaders to align their visions, missions and strategies across their respective organizations. This imperative exercise will boost the overall efficiency of the business and lead to better collaboration, more excitement, and enhanced marketing efforts; all of these pieces establish a strong and solid foundation for any team to be successful.”

Breakthrough delivers more than 80 strategic elements across culture, market intelligence, brand, identity, sales, marketing, customer experience, and human resources. By utilizing the innovative cloud-based platform, businesses can easily create their own lists, whiteboards, flowcharts, and much more to keep their strategic plan organized and accessible on the fly.

Commenting on this important and noteworthy achievement, Vice President of Growth at Insivia, Tony Zayas, states, “We are excited about the opportunity to help hundreds and even thousands of organizations to define, articulate, communicate, and evangelize their strategic plans for their businesses.”

Breakthrough is now available to all the users who signed up for the Beta release via the Company’s website. About Breakthrough

Breakthrough is more than just a CMS or a space to collaborate; it is the expert platform for strategic planning.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between your company’s vision and its current perception in the marketplace by providing a step-by-step framework for strategic and scalable growth without the need for a high-price consultant.

With our user-friendly platform, anyone can align their teams, uncover gaps in strategy and gather intelligence, which makes Breakthrough an essential part of an organization. The platform is also an important tool for consultants and contractors who are looking to gain efficiency in their engagements and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

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