How Important is Good Quality Audio?

May 17, 2013

Today Rick explains why audio is the most important part of a good video.

Video Transcription

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of good audio when producing video either from home or for your business. Nothing to me or our team is more important than having good quality audio when producing videos for the web. One great example I always like to use is when you’re watching tv, if you’re watching the television, you know put it on mute and watch the television with no audio to see how engaged you are with what you’re watching, and the emotions that it’s kinda stirring up while you’re watching that video, then do the exact opposite. Close your eyes, leave the audio on and see if you can sense those emotions. You’ll easily find out that the audio is much more important to a video then what you’re actually seeing, so if you’re going to be creating videos for your business, home business, small business, the best place to start and the first place you want to start is buying a good audio source to make sure the audio in your videos is as high quality as possible.

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