How Can You Increase Conversion on Contact Forms?

January 23, 2013

Today Andy lets you know what you can do to improve conversion on your forms.

Video Transcription

So if you are looking to increase conversion on contact forms, which are a key component of any business-to-business site, there are some things you can do. The first one is the easiest. Reduce the number of inputs people have to fill out. Getting to a page and seeing 30 inputs you have to fill out to contact someone is really daunting and will turn people away. If you really need to have that information, make it so that they can submit a small amount of information and then when they hit the submit button it asks for additional information. That’s really going to increase those contacts on the form.

Some other things you can do is make sure you have visual indicators. Things of what’s required on the form, when there’s errors, or other visual indicators that help people understand what they’re supposed to be filling out, when there’s a problem and what will make it easier for them to go through it.

The last thing is make sure the action button is really clear and stands out and it tells people what’s going to happen after they fill it out. So not only do you want to make sure that the button is really clear, it stands out, and make sure you put some text that you are going to follow up via phone or we’re going to do this just to help them understand what the process is going to be. It’s going to really give them that confidence to really complete the process and know that something is going to happen. So if you are looking to increase conversion on those contact forms, follow some of those steps.

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