Do you need a Professional Setup for Videos?

May 4, 2013

Today Andy explains the importance using quality equipment for your videos.

Video Transcription

So people often wonder do I need to have a professional set up to create my videos. You know audio recording equipment, a great camera, lights and all these pieces. Well the answer is not necessarily no but it really does help to have really good equipment. There’s a lot of people today, businesses, consumers, that are creating video and uploading them their iphones on vine that are six seconds social media to upload video. There’s people uploading the video with YouTube just using regular cameras but if you’re a business representing your product your company you really want to have the most professional video that you can. That way the scenes come across and have good angles, that the quality of the image is really high, that the audio is good, that the lighting is right. This is obviously important because it represents your business and your product just as much as anything else you say in the video is how it looks. So you can definitely in certain circumstances, if you’re a business utilize regular cameras take some videos if you’re doing a video blog or something like that and it’s you know of very informal way but if you’re trying to represent your business in a high quality way you definitely want to consider using professional equipment or professional company to create those videos and give it that looked that is just something special so that that represents your brand in the right way. So if you’re think about using just your own equipment or professional equipment definitely depends on the use but we always like using the best of the stuff that’s out there.

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