The customer is the core of any business. With strong interpersonal skills, you can maintain excellent communication with your clients. Customer communication for SaaS retention is the key to building lasting relationships and combating churn.

A happy customer is an advocate for your SaaS business. Happy customers are willing to promote and recommend your business for free. When things do not do down according to plan, a happy customer is more understanding and forgiving.

Why is Customer Communication for SaaS Retention so Important?

Communication is key to the success of any relationship. The same principle applies to SaaS companies. To retain more customers, a company must have efficient customer communication for SaaS retention. Developing a relationship with your customers is not only beneficial to customer retention but also your brand messaging.Customer communication for SaaS retention translates to better customer experience. Up to 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience.Effective communication can boost your sales and increase your bottom line. Establishing regular communication with your customers allows you to reinforce your brand and communicate the value of your services.

Strategic Communication Communication for SaaS Retention

Any line of communication that you open with your customers provides you with the opportunity to build and fortify a relationship. You can use this opportunity to attract more business and retain your existing customers.You can provide customer support, training, tips, and updates on features through customer communication. All these factors are essential to combating churn and retaining customers. Effective communication lets your clients know that you care about their well being.Customer communication also allows you to feedback. With the information and data that you gather, you can work on improving your products. Such improvements can help you retain more customers. By fixing bugs in your software, you are creating a better user experience. Gathering feedback is an essential part of customer communication.

When do You Communicate with Your Customers?

Customer communication is vital to every step of the sales funnel; starting with the onboarding process. Establish your communication with the customer early; as soon as they start using your software. Customers are different. Some clients may require guidance, support, and user tips as they start using your software.Help your new customers get comfortable with the kind of services that you offer. However, communication should not stop here. Keep communicating with your customers even after they complete setting up the software. Engage with your clients, let them know that you are always there for them, and you care about their experience.The relationship between the customer and the company thrives on healthy communication practices. Keep the lines of communication open for the customer.While communicating with the customer, deliver value in your messages. This strategy will help the users of your products understand the importance of your service. Without knowing it, you will be retaining more customers and making more sales.

Customer Communication for SaaS Retention: How to Communicate

In customer communication for SaaS retention, you must build a relationship with your customers. Take the time to be professional and personable. Get to know your customers and take note of what they have to say.Like any other skill, active listening requires some practice to perfect. Ensure that you stay involved in the conversation. Do not be afraid of asking questions for clarification.For complex and technical issues in SaaS, you can use analogies to explain your point. If you have an established relationship with a particular customer, use examples that they can relate to.Internal customer support policies, benchmarks, and standards ensure that your employees communicate with your customers in a professional yet consistent way. Installing such standards gives you some peace of mind knowing your customer communication for SaaS retention is working flawlessly.In any relationship, there are disputes. The way you handle these disputes can either strengthen the relationship or break them entirely. In the SaaS industry disputes arise in the form of customer complaints. It is in the best interest of your company and reputation to handle such disputes professionally and quickly.

Customer Communication for SaaS Retention: the Best Modes of Communication

A customer is more likely to remember you when you have a relationship that involves regular and effective communication. You need a strategy to implement customer communication for SaaS retention. Everything starts by choosing the right method of communication.
  1. Phone Calls: Customer communication for SaaS retention involves touching base with your clients. Phone calls are an excellent tool for this purpose. You do not have to sell your customers anything during these phone calls. Use the opportunity to reinforce the relationship that you have with the customer.
  2. Newsletters: 91% of customers check on their email accounts daily. Emailing newsletters is the best ways of publishing success stories and promotions of new products and services. You can also share personal experiences and milestones with your customers. In this way, you can build a rapport with your business.
  3. Feedback Surveys: Feedback is essential, and you can collect the information through surveys. With the information that you collect, you can improve your products and services. Surveys are tricky because not all customers like to fill them. They are easy to ignore. You can provide incentives for your customers. You can offer product discounts and vouchers in exchange for surveys.
  4. Social Media: Social platforms are useful tools in customer communication for SaaS retention. You can use your social media pages to post special offers, product information, and general announcements. Social media is best for building relationships, connections, and rapport with your customers. The greatest risk of social media is that you have little control over what your customers post.

Which Communication Methods are Effective?

Automated messages are effective for customer communication for SaaS retention. The advantage of using automated messaging is the fact that you can distribute one message to an unlimited number of users through the same process.Automated messaging is the perfect way to follow up with customer support and feedback. You can also use automated messaging to nurture new customers through onboarding processes.Emails, Social media, in-app notifications, and forums are other innovative ways of using technology to communicate with your customers. Using multiple communication channels can increase your message's visibility on the internet. Before you can decide on the most effective mode of customer communication for SaaS retention, you need to test different channels. Carry out some research and identify the platforms that most of your customers use.There are many ways of interacting in customer communication for SaaS retention. You must find the most effective communication method that applies to your situation.

Customer Communication for SaaS Retention: Great Customer Service

Customer communication for SaaS retention is critical to the survival of your business. At the heart of great customer relationships is great customer support. Developing a strong rapport is essential to any customer communication for SaaS retention strategy.Online customer support services are useful for SaaS companies. You can use phone calls, emails, and chatting apps to facilitate online customer support. Below are a few tips that can help you develop excellent customer relationships:
  • Have a prompt email response system. The general standard is to have a 24-hour turnaround. If you know that you need more time to respond to customer emails, you can publish your expected turn around on the "Contact Us" page. You can manage your customer expectations in this way.
  • Consider a live chat service: Such services facilitate instant communication with your customers. Such services may require more staff and monitoring. You can also switch off chatting services outside business hours.
  • Add a "Request to Call" option on your contact forms: Through this feature, a customer can schedule a phone call. Through this method, you can gather a customer's contact details.
  • Keep a log of all customer interactions: Take note of dates, time, and querries. You may need this information when you make follow up contact.
  • Add a feedback form to your Website: Customer feedback is valuable information. You can gather the insight that you need to improve and implement new service ideas.

Customer Communication for SaaS Retention: User Communities

A community is a forum that allows your customers and users to communicate with each other. Within these communities, customers can form relationships that are beneficial to the business. Different users can learn from each other about tips, new products, and services.In some cases, user communities can lift the pressure off your customer support teams. A customer can post a query and have other members of the community address the question. User communities can develop a culture that is beneficial to your company. Such cultures can add value to your business and increase retention.Many SaaS companies view communities and a transaction instead of a relationship. User communities need support from your business. Take note of the discussions that users have on these forums and take the appropriate actions. With the right approach, user communities can be effective platforms for customer communication for SaaS retention.

Customer Communication for SaaS Retention: Final Thoughts

Customer communication today thrives on multiple levels. No matter the issue customers are dealing with, you must find the right words to appease them and find an appropriate solution. Customer communication is no excuse to sound robotic or formal. It is about finding the right balance to solve problems while building a strong relationship with the customer.Customer communication for SaaS retention should be the core of your business. With the tips and discussions above, I hope that you have found value in this article.Customer communication for SaaS retention is bigger than conveying messages. It is about building lasting relationships. Consult with Insivia for more information about customer communication for SaaS retention. Insivia has a solution that will yield the best results.

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