Beware What You Write!

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The quality of the content you put online has a large impact on the branding of your company. Now more than ever, a company’s “voice” interacts with the public the most online, whether it be through the actual company website or social media outlets. The quality of this voice directly impacts how the public views you. The success of the money, time, and resources a company puts towards branding often hinges on the simple factors of quality and attention to detail.

The information that you display on the Internet influences the comparisons that viewers make between your company and your competitors. Errors and inconsistencies online can say to viewers that you’re careless and unconcerned with the accuracy of the information. Misspellings, even on social media outlets like Twitter, come off as unprofessional.

Think of it this way: lets say you’re searching the web for a quality hospital where you will be a patient. Friends and family have recommended two hospitals of similar caliber. One hospital has a slow-functioning website, you notice a typo in the mission statement, and it looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. Another hospital has a quick and highly interactive site that you easily navigate to find exactly what you need. You also notice that updates are made every two to three days with health articles and event information.

Which one do you choose? Which do you trust? The answer is obvious.

No matter your company’s size or industry, it’s an ongoing goal to improve content quality. Although quality assurance of a company website and social media accounts may take more time and resources, it will help your company’s quality perception in the long-run.