8 Creative Ways to Utilize the New Web Domains

May 1, 2014

Remember the good old days of “.com”? I say good old days, because everything you know about domain names is about to change.


This week�some of the first city-based domain names, such as .london, .miami, and .nyc, went live.�ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a nonprofit that coordinates the internet’s global domain name system, has been working for over a year to approve the new names.�Aside from geographic based domains, almost 1000 new generic domain extensions have been released or are going to be released for use in the near future. .restaurant, .law, .cafe, and .photography are only a few of the gTLD’s (generic top-level domains) names that you’ll be able to purchase or register for.

What does this mean for you?

It’s a huge opportunity to get in at the ground level of something big. Basically, there’s a huge selection of prime real estate for sale. Are you going to claim it or are you going to let your competitors plant their flag first?

Here’s a few suggestions on what to do with your newly purchased domain.

1. Invest in it.

Buying up valuable domain names and selling them is not really a new tactic. Although, this many new and generic domains has never been available before. This is a slight gamble, but it’s safe to say that sometime in the future some wealthy firm in the Big Apple will be willing to pay through the nose for marketing.nyc. Best to be quick though, since all the valuable names are being bought up in a hurry.

2. Freshen up your SEO

A lot of SEO is based on keywords. If you want to be known as the expert on technology, having YourWebsite.technology will give you a big chunk of the SEO pie.

3. Use it for analytics

Creating custom domains to use for specific marketing channels such as billboards will be a big help for analytics. You’ll be able to track exactly where visitors are coming from so you know which marketing initiatives are converting to site visits.

4. Create a unique mobile site

Not to beat a dead horse, but you need to start thinking about your mobile strategy. Now you’ll be able to create a unique mobile site with a .mobile domain.

5. Build micro-sites & landing pages

You can create unique custom domains to be used for any projects that require you to build a microsite. If you have PPC campaigns you can also use the unique custom domain names for the different landing pages you manage.

6. Drive local traffic

Local business owners will be able to buy up geopgraphic domains like .boston, or .miami for unique local domain names.

7. Create memorable websites

It’s all about your brand. Just like any catchy jingle or memorable logo, a memorable website is sure to drive traffic your way. Think about it – what sounds better? BestCoffeeShop.com or BestCoffeeShop.cafe

8. Do something nobody has every seen before

This is a unique opportunity for innovators and creative thinkers. It presents an immense opportunity for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike to break the mold of what the internet used to be.

See the list of new domains.

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