Today Matt explains how you can benefit from using an editorial calendar.


Video Transcription

Hey guys! The topic of the month is content marketing and today want to talk about three ways an editorial calendar can benefit you. The first one being it’ll help keep you from scrambling at the last minute. It’s really hard to come up with ideas and write content right before the due date, so the editorial calendar will allow you to put those topics and when you’re supposed be writing the content on specific dates and help you meet those deadlines.

The second way is that it will help you keep multiple contributors inline. It’s really hard when multiple people are writing your content to keep them organized and on the topics that they’re assigned, so using the editorial calendar it’s just something they can refer to and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be.

The third way, it’ll help you align your topics and your content up with holidays and milestones for your business. It’s really good to create topics and write your content according to holidays say Christmas, Easter or your company’s anniversary and just send it out, posted to social media or write an article about that milestone or that holiday.

So if you’re not using an editorial calendar then make sure you look into it and then also join us on June 27th for our seminar.

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