The simple answer is that gated content is any content on a web site that requires a login or information to be given to access the content.

When it comes to strategic marketing, gated content has become a pillar for lead generation.

Many are skeptical that visitors would be willing to give away real contact information for access to a whitepaper or other content but it happens every single day.

There are several different kinds of gated content that a web site could have:

  1. Gated Content for Lead Generation
  2. Password protected areas for clients or vendors.
  3. Monetized content such as memberships.


First, Let's Talk About Gated Content for Lead Generation

Content Marketing has become a key strategy in any marketing program and is actually part of many other tactics from SEO and Paid Advertising to eMail and Automation.

The way that we look at it is that only a small percentage of visitors convert on contact forms, calls or purchases - usually less than 3% of visitors actually.

So, how do we not let that other 97% of our traffic go to waste?

The reason many of these people don't convert is that they are not ready to buy yet. Since consumers now get 70% of the way through the sales process with their own research before reaching out to a company, it is likely they are still in the early stages of their buying cycle.

The key to taking advantage of this traffic is to offer high-value resources or offerings in exchange for contact information.

Most people are skeptical as to the success of this tactic but if you really focus on creating something that your visitors MUST have, then people will convert. This is where most companies fail - they create mediocre gated content that visitors aren't compelled to take action on.

Here are some quick tips for gated content:

  1. Make it extremely valuable - think of information that will significantly change the life or business of a visitor.
  2. Try different channels that are more engaging - webinars, trend reports, online roundtables, and so much more.
  3. Make the title and description compelling - it has to convey tons of value.

Another Great Use of Gated Content is Password Protected Content

Customers and clients expect to be able to engage with you even outside of business hours or at their own convenience.

Almost any type of business can leverage password protected areas for customers.

Insivia primarily works with technology and software companies that use online portals to engage and provide service to their customers.

For consultants and services companies, file repositories are the simplest and most expected way for visitors to login and access their personalized content.

Often for software companies, having password protected portals is obviously the center of their offering.

About Insivia

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