Today Patrick explains the difference between gated and ungated content.

Video Transcription

Hey guys! Let’s talk a little bit about content today. Basically what I want to chat about is the two different types of content that we see most often. The first one being gated and the second being ungated content. You might be asking yourself what is this, I’ve never heard of this before, but it’s actually quit simple. Gated content is actually something that might be held behind password protection, where ungated content is publicly available on your site.

So why would you want to have gated content? You might want to use it for something like progress reports on a project you might be working on for a client, or if you’re holding something in confidence for a client. That way you actually need a user name and a password to view that content.

Another thing that you can do is actually monetize your site. If you’re doing something like a blog or a industry type reporting website. You might want to have free content to kind of hook somebody in, get them interested in what you’re sharing in your site, but then also have a private membership only content available. You can use membership plugins to actually monetize your website, grow a subscriber base on your site and really get them itching to learn more and purchase from you in the future.

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