Driving your target audience to your site is never an easy task, especially if you’re trying to do it with the use of backlinks. Although there are many tactics you can take when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, building backlinks has become one of the main building blocks to great SEO.

So what are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website. These are also known as inbound links and they help to indicate the importance of the website. You’ll find this especially with Google. Your site will be given more credit and seen as more relevant for each quality link. The result? Higher ranking in organic search results.

How do you build backlinks?

There are many tools that can help you build links but here are three different ways you can go about creating backlinks to your site right away.

Editorial Accumulation– These links are given naturally by sites and pages that want to reference your content or company. You really don’t have to do anything but make sure that you create citation-worthy material that your audience will find useful.

Manual Suggestion– This might be the more challenging and tedious way of creating backlinks. Manual suggestion requires you to email bloggers with links and submit to online directories. Most of these listings require you to fill out some type of online form that has to be reviewed before being listed on the public site. If you choose to go about emailing bloggers, then hear are a few tips to help.

  • Attempt to direct the email to a name and not “to whom it may concern”
  • Choose a catchy subject line and avoid the words “link request”
  • Try to show them how it will benefit them and not just you
  • Make the email brief and to the point
  • Make it apparent that you have read and understand their site
  • Be as creative as possible!

Self-Created, Non-Editorial- This method requires you to take advantage of guestbook signings, forum signatures, blog comments and user profiles. These types of links are usually low in quality but in large numbers have a significant impact. There are ways to automatically generate these types of links but you should note that such links are frowned upon and considered spamming.

When creating backlinks you want to make sure to avoid the use of any unethical techniques. This is considered “Black Hat SEO” and could potentially get your site banned either temporarily or permanently once discovered by the search engine.

Although link building alone will not boost your site to the top of search results, it is a major part of making your SEO campaign a success. Check out our search optimization services to see what else you can do to improve your site.

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Andy Halko is the CEO of Insivia is a Strategic Growth Consultancy helping companies scale through our Breakthrough Growth Program and Agile Marketing solutions.

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