How to Build Backlinks

Video🕑 Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Today Rick explains why you need to be careful when building backlinks for your SEO campaign.

Video Transcription

Today just one of the recording real quick video and talk to you about buying links back to your website. With this month being a month we’re focusing on SEO here at Insivia, we all know that gaining links and populating more links that point back to your website is going to help your overall search engine optimization campaign, but I’m here to tell you that not all links are created equal. I just wanted to make clear that if you stumble across websites that sell backlinks or links to your website even though that you know this is a good strategy and the more links pointing back to your website are better, purchasing links that point back to your website can actually do the exact opposite effect that you think they’re going to do these are normally sent through link pools. Sending links back to your website with no relative contact or substance, so with having these links out there overtime in the longer that these sites are out there the less valuable they become and actually hurt your site more than help it.