How can video impact my website?

July 24, 2009

It adds life and tells a story!

There is just only so much text and graphics can do to create a personality and a voice for your website. Video can make a huge impact. They key is to use it well.

Think testimonials. The key thing a visitor is looking for on your site is "what do you do? and do you do it well?" Nothing says this better than video. It can be something simple, like a video of the client on a white background sharing their successes by using your goods or services.

Tell a story. Edit more of a story oriented video with b-roll and music for effect. Either way keep it short, quick and to the point.

The experience of watching the video is important. In the past, internet speeds made video difficult and cumbersome. Now with broadband and wifi that is no longer an issue. I do highly recommend that you make the playing of the video an option for the viewer. Nothing can be more harmful to the experience than to open a site and have a video start with audio blaring. Create a nice graphic as an introduction to the individual(s) you're about to meet or idea being presented. Invite them to watch.

Just let them hit play.

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