Maximize Enterprise Software Sales with Explainer Videos, Product Tours, Demos and Trials

June 23, 2017

When it comes to selling enterprise software, it is neither a simple or short process but the right tools can help you close more deals.

It is important to have the right sales process and tools to help your sales team impact revenue and meet their goals.  There are several stages that start with awareness move through evaluation and then into contracting.

At each stage that a prospect goes through, there are important assets that can make the process have significantly less friction.

For Enterprise Software and B2B SaaS companies, the use of explainer videos, product tours, demos and trials are an important part of that sales process. Let's explore each of these a bit to understand their value.


Explainer Videos for Enterprise Software

Explainer videos are great for many businesses but have become very popular in the software space for explaining products.  Explainer videos can come in a wide range of types from whiteboarding and 2D animation to live action.
The key purpose is to explain ( duh ). But to unwrap that a bit, the explanation is to take a complex or lengthy topic and develop a way to articulate it for simplified consumption.
In layman's terms - make it simple to understand.
When we look at creating explainer videos, we often utilize the problem-fix-outcome model as it helps clarify the key messages that you want to explain.
We start with the problem - what is the pain that your audience feels and drives them to have a need.
Next is the fix, typically how your product removes or reduces that pain.
And finally, the outcome which is the benefit or "What's in it for me" statement.
In the end the outcome is one of the most important aspect because it is where they can envision themselves and it relieves their pain, but our problem and fix give us a reason to believe.
Explainer videos are extremely valuable for top of the funnel awareness.  Using them to capture attention and garner interest in our product.  Explainer videos are rarely close to the decision but can sometimes serve as nice tools for salespeople to provide prospects who need to share the product with others in their organization that have not been part of the process.

Product Tours for Enterprise Software Sales

There are several types of product tours and one is often utilized after someone signs up or receives and account.
In our context, we look at product tours in the marketing and sales process as interactive step-by-step experiences where a prospect can learn about a product.
Below is an example of a tabbed product tour utilized on Socialive which is an enterprise software that we designed a website for.

Product tours such as this can be utilized in a number of ways. The most popular way to use a product tour for enterprise software is as a high-level explanation of core features of a platform.

We also see product tours like this utilized when new features are released and even in support documentation. Their value can be multi-pronged and easy to execute.

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