Why Does Video Convert Better Than Text?

May 24, 2013

Today Patrick explains how video converts better than plain text.

Video Transcription

It’s said that video helps to increase conversion rates by over five times and that products that have a video tour, or video review are purchased 80% or higher than products that are similar without a video. So what makes video so much better at converting then just plain text? Well I think that it’s actually pretty simple when you think about it. It’s just very engaging. You know a video is a lot easier and a lot less of a commitment for somebody than actually having to read a long list of technical specs or a big block of text. So you are able to get your point across a little bit easier, a little bit quicker and with a lot less effort by the reader or the viewer. So what are some tips that you might use when you’re trying out video for your product, for your website, for your service or whatever it is.

The first is to get to the point, be short and concise. Get something that stands out to your user, your visitor, your viewer within the first 10 or 15 seconds. Something that really catches their eye or their ear for that matter. Also be sure to be engaging. You know kind and be a little bit animated when you are on the screen. You don’t want it to be looking like you’re reading a bulleted list or something that is a little bit more boring to watch. You know I always like to think about it as when you are in college and you have somebody performing that really just isn’t doing much like the Buehler effect, it just doesn’t catch your ear. And last add a call to action. So here’s ours. We’re doing a video seminar May 30th here at the Insivia offices at the Agora and I’d love to see you there.

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