What Our Law Firms Website Does for Us: Showcasing Our Work – McMahon DeGulis LLP

June 15, 2015

Written by:?Meg Connell Sattler
Marketing, Technology and Projects Manager
McMahon DeGulis LLP

Law firm websites largely serve as a reference for potential clients, other attorneys, and even current clients who may want to know if the firm can assist with a new matter. While lead generation is a pleasant byproduct, it is often not the focus. This offers law firms a unique opportunity to create a website that is more than just an online brochure. At McMahon DeGulis LLP, we embraced this opportunity to create a living, breathing site that reflects the personality of our environmental and litigation law firm.

One of the Partners at the firm frequently reminds me that our best marketing effort is quite simply the great work that we do for our clients every day. Our website gives us yet another platform to showcase that great work.

We highlighted our work in two ways - through images and content. We deliberately choose images that primarily highlight solutions rather than the problems we fix. Even as we chose photos for the cities where we are located, we did so with an eye to solutions. As you browse our site, you will see a number of bridges. The message to the potential client is that we can help you get to the other side of whatever issue you are encountering.

No matter how striking the image, content is vital. Rather than focus on fluff and generalities, we expanded our practice area descriptions to highlight the breadth of our practice. Environmental law is a niche practice area, but there is a whole "alphabet soup" of regulations impacting environmental media beyond just air, water, and land. We re-worked our website text to paint a picture of these intertwined legal complexities with broad, easily understood, brushstrokes. Then, we filled in the details of the work we have done for clients. The end result: a picture of the great work we do for our clients every day, which is the foundation of our firm and the foundation of our website.

Of course, great work doesn't just happen - someone has to do it. The firm's greatest assets are our attorneys; these are the people who are in the trenches everyday, tackling complex legal problems with strategic focus. A fundamental piece of our website is our attorney bios. In past iterations of our site, we focused on a one-size fits all approach, cramming different types of work experience into a standard format that fit on a single page. When we undertook our most recent re-design, we were determined to find a platform that allowed us to more accurately detail the different work and personalities of our individual attorneys.

Over the years, word of our work has spread and referrals have become an excellent source of new business. Of course, the actual referral is just a start for us. Our website is often the first place a potential client will look for more information. The internet has changed how people search for a professional - increasingly a client will hire not just the firm, but the specific attorney. It is imperative for our attorney bio pages to convey the depth and breadth of experience for our attorneys individually and the firm as a whole. Our website is just one of the tools to turn referrals into new clients by showcasing our work.


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