Today Matt explains localized content and why you might want to create it.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody! So we’re continuing with our topic of the month, which is content marketing and today I want to briefly cover what localized content is and how it can benefit you. Localized content is content written specifically for a geographic area so it’s just written for individuals in a specific location like Cleveland. This is done mainly because Google, Bing and other search engines have made it a really big part of their ranking algorithms. So when you’re doing a search like landscaping companies in Cleveland you’re going to find that the results are based on your location and actually popup those landscaping companies that are located near you. If you do the same search in San Diego, you’re going see different results and those companies that are located in San Diego specifically. So if you’re really trying to target a specific area or location make sure that you’re writing your content accordingly and make sure that it’s really localized and relevant to your users. Also make sure that you register for our seminar that we’re hosting on June 27th at 11:30am and I hope to see you there.

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