The Vision Gap

Strategy & vision can propel an organization into scalable and predictable growth. A Vision Gap is a disconnection between the business and it's employees, customers & prospects.

Download our whitepaper on The Vision Gap to understand the challenges in a weak Vision and the steps to begin building a smart Vision to drive a business to success. CHAPTERS
  1. The Visionary
  2. The Obsession
  3. The Expectation
  4. What is The Vision Gap
  5. Culture Gap
  6. Customer Gap
  7. Prospect Gap
  8. The Pillars of A Successful Vision
  9. The Elements of Your Vision
  10. Example Exercise: Creating Core Values
  11. Communicating Your Vision

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"Leaders inspire and excite the teams around them with their vision - it can often be infectious. When a leader sees the destination and the path, but employees, customers and the world see nothing or something completely different - there is a huge problematic gap."


Andy Halko, CEO

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