Usability Beyond the Web

July 15, 2013

Today Andy explains the affects usability has beyond the web.

Video Transcription

Hello everybody. Today I just wanted to talk about usability beyond the web. A lot of times when we talk about usability we’re definitely talking about a website, landing pages and these other pieces that people were walking through and how to give them a better user experience so they complete the actions and goals that you want them to. But usability really goes beyond the web. It should be really something that you think about in all your branding materials when you’re using collateral.

It should be thought of when you have your offices and people walk in and the experience that they have. Usability is really a process with how anybody interacts with your brand. It can even have to do with your proposals that you’re sending out your customer support process or policy, and especially if you have a customer service portal or if you have some sort of software that your customers are interacting with. These are all elements of the experience that a potential or an existing customer might have with you and you really want to make sure that the usability is good throughout all of that and that from the start to finish whether they’re dealing with a physical material, your physical building, your website, your proposals or even the software that they interact with you, that their experiences are great and that the usability is great.

So if you’re thinking about usability for just your website, make sure that you’re expanding your mindset a little bit and thinking about usability as how it affects your entire business and can improve your ROI across the organization especially with existing customers as much as potential customers. so make sure as you move forward you’re thinking about usability in that global standpoint and show up to our usability seminar this month and learn a little bit more about how we learn about usability affect it and can make a better experience for users.

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