Data Tracking and Analytics for SaaS Retention

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As the availability of large data platforms increases, companies are becoming much more comfortable using them to gather important information. In fact, most major companies have long depended on the information that this analytics software provides. While it’s no surprise that billion-dollar companies are using business intelligence software to improve their sales, smaller companies and startups are using them as well.

There are undeniable benefits that come with using data analytics when creating a product or service. If you are a small business looking to make an impact on the current industry, here are some of the benefits that come with using data tracking and analytics in software products.

Benefits That Come With Data Tracking and Analytics

Though many bigger companies have been using different BI tools to their advantage, smaller companies have yet to take advantage of these tools. But with the increased popularity and availability of these analytics tools, smaller companies are also starting to use these tools to their advantage. In fact, according to Forbes, 53% of companies are adopting data analytics. Here are some of the benefits that come with using data tracking and analytics.

1. Helps Increase Profits

BI offers a company many unique benefits. One of those benefits is the ability to increase profits without increasing costs. According to the Entrepreneur, businesses that used big data analyses saw an 8%-10% profit increase. They are able to do this by predicting how well a product will sell in a dedicated market thanks to customer wants; we will get further into this later.

Since companies are able to better target customers with the help of BI services, they can easily find the right audience for their product. This process saves them a lot of money and allows them to make a much bigger profit.

2. Performance Tracking and Management

Of course, BI is more than just a customer-tracking tool. Many companies use Business Intelligence to learn more about themselves. However, the most important thing that this software can help with is to track, manage, and implement various goals. With the help of analytics or any other BI software, you can create sales or delivery goals and track them on a daily, weekly, month, or yearly basis.

The process of collecting and tracking all of this information is performance management, and it is easily one of the highlights of using BI software. You are able to compile and look through information that would usually take days or weeks to collect and view.

3. Visualize Important Information

Although Performance tracking on its own is amazing, not everyone is willing to look through the mountains of information that you have collected. Most members of your company may not understand what that data means, and therefore they will need a visualization of the information that you have collected.

By visualizing the information that the software has managed to collect, you can see the overall impact of the performance or ideas that you have planned. This can help make better decisions and improve the overall performance of employees.

4. Streamlined Sales Information

Since there is too much sales information on the internet, there is no way that your team will be able to keep track of it all. The creators of this Business Intelligence software know that. Therefore, creators of BI software are able to fit varied sales information within their software. This information is incredibly diverse and helps you better negotiate with clients through hard proof and statistics. These statistics can also prove to be very useful when making quick sales calls and decisions.

5. Eliminate Guesswork

When companies do not make use of analytics and data tracking software, they are left gambling on important marketing and business decisions. BI software swoops in and eliminates the guessing game that companies have to play before making important decisions. The use of data analytics also makes decisions more data-driven and reliable to follow.

This extensive research-based decision making can pay off greatly in the long run in terms of both profitability and getting an edge over other companies. Data analytics especially shines in providing you with hard data that you can use to make important decisions.


Data analytics helps a company in many ways, especially by giving them a multitude of benefits. With the help of proper analytics software, you can not only make better decisions but also help get an edge over other companies.