Building A Great Proptech Software Website

B2B SaaSWebsite Design🕑 Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Proptech is revolutionizing the real estate world and providing technology to power residential and commercial based companies.

To acquire new customers, Proptech companies need websites that attract and convert the exact right target audience.

We know that a B2B SaaS Website is the hub of marketing and customer acquisition and often even customer retention in the form of education and support. This critical step in the SaaS Sales Funnel is the difference between survival and hockey stick growth.

As we look at some great examples of Proptech sites, we are focusing on some key factors that are producers of results.

  1. A great design.  If you are selling SaaS, it is expected that you exude a modern, clean and engaging feel from the very first interaction. In other industries, it can sometimes be ok to get away with the status quo of web design, but not for SaaS. Even though Proptech companies often sell to more traditional audiences, the expectation is there.

    Plus, a great design creates an impression that your software will also be sophisticated and well built. If a restaurant had a dated outside and dining area, we would be weary of the food quality.

  2. Sales-cycle conversions.  Visitors for B2B SaaS are always at different stages in their process of interest and buying a solution. A smart proptech site will make sure they have conversions for visitors early in their process as well as those that have an urgent.
  3. Use of mixed media.  Video and animation across the board to showcase product overviews, features, customer stories, employees and more are extremely valuable in engaging prospects, partners and potential employees.
  4. A strong SEO game.  Your website is foundational in ranking. Not just content, but the way the site is built can make a huge impact in rankings.

Brokermint, a Proptech SaaS developed a powerful new website design.

A site that fits their target audience, feels like a modern SaaS business and has all the right conversions.

Some of the key aspects that make Brokermint a great Proptech website include:


Forbes reports that the fast-track of property technology in the real estate industry accelerated by 1072% from 2015 to 2019. Other accounts reveal that in 2020, 81% of real estate organizations planned to use new digital technologies in traditional business processes. 

Snapsheet, an Insurtech and Proptech platform modernized their site and conversions.

For Snapsheet, their site serves as a main avenue for new prospects and as the central hub to major marketing activities. The goal was to create a site that represented and reflected the modern culture they had and technology they delivered.

Some of the key features that made this SaaS website sing are:


In the first six months of 2019, $12.9 billion was poured into real-estate tech startups by venture investors, which surpassed the $12.7 billion record for all of 2017.  In 2015, real estate tech reached record funding and deals levels, with more than $1.7 billion deployed globally across more than 190 deals.