Insivia Re-launches SaaS Founder Show

October 29, 2020


With the evolution and growing influence of SaaS companies, Insivia moves to spotlight SaaS founders and share their experiences and insights with other leaders, developers and professionals in the industry

CLEVELAND, OHIO, October 29, 2020 -- In its continued creative and innovative efforts to share its insights and specific expertise with technology, device and software companies, Insivia is proud to announce that it has relaunched its weekly SaaS Founders Show. The live series aims to highlight the notable work of SaaS founders, as well as share their experiences and lessons learned with other professionals and the SaaS community as a whole. Insivia's founder and CEO Andy Halko elaborates, "We're excited to re-broadcast this interview-format series in order to engage with the growing network of SaaS experts and organizations throughout the United States and across the globe. Given the current circumstances, SaaS companies are growing and thriving, and we are working to create an amazing community of SaaS founders who openly discuss the ins and outs of their respective businesses, as well as their notable insights, successes and challenges." So far, the Insivia team has interviewed SaaS founders like Matt Barnett (Bonjoro), Jeff Schwerdt (Viper Consulting) and David Lecko (DealMachine), Dan Pantelo (Marpipe), Evan Schneyer (Outlaw), and most recently, Ted Mico (Thoughtful). Tony Zayas, VP of Growth, further adds, "The conversations have been truly fascinating and inspiring to listen to; we look forward to the great lineup of SaaS founders scheduled to appear on our show in the coming weeks." To learn more and to watch episodes of the SaaS Founder Show, visit the show page here.

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