Important KPIs For B2B Companies

October 9, 2012

When running any kind of marketing campaign, it is important to measure your successes with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It’s also important to measure the right KPIs so that you don’t waste time and money.

You want to measure performance so that you can improve your efforts and make your campaign even more successful. Although there are many KPIs you could track, here are a couple that work great for B2B companies.

Repeat visitors

Marketers always want to know the volume of traffic being sent to a website and SEO’s are consistently working on getting the highest search rankings for competitive terms.

Smart B2B marketing isn’t always about volume; it’s about getting highly targeted leads from customers that are ready to buy. What is really important is the repeat visits your website is seeing. Repeat visits mean that your audience is engaging with your brand, finding your resources or content useful, and building a connection with your business.

Phone calls

Using simple-to-set-up phone call tracking software, a business can get precise information on exactly where a caller sees your phone number, and you can track the success of your website from it.

Remember to consistently track your KPIs in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Not only does tracking a few metrics provide you with a wealth of information, it will also help you target improvements and accelerate revenue growth.

There are many key performance indicators that you can track, but some are more telling than others.


Video Transcription

It’s always important to measure the success and failures of your campaign so you can know what to adjust accordingly. It’s also important to know which Key performance indicators you should be measuring for. I do think that it varies from campaign to campaign or business to business but some of my favorite KPIs for B2B companies are repeat visitors.

You know it’s always important to get a lot of traffic to your site, but what’s really important is the traffic that comes back time and time again. Ultimately it means they are engaged to your brand, they are finding your information valuable, and they want to learn more and eventually do a sale with you.

It’s also important to track phone calls. You know using a really easy to use phone tracking software, you can tell exactly where a customer has seen your phone number on your website, and you can track that site or page’s success from there.

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