Too Much Information to Fill out an Online Form

September 12, 2012

Colin explains some do’s and don’ts when creating an online form.



Video Transcription

I always recommend keeping forms simple and clean. Customers are trying to accomplish a goal when they are filling out one of your forms. Whether it’s buying a product, leaving a comment or signing up for a newsletter. The form represents both an obstacle as well as a tool to them accomplishing that goal. Longer and more complex forms are really going to lead to fewer conversions.

Most audiences are very diverse and are going to contain people who aren’t as capable of interaction on the Internet.

Some recommendations:

– Condense fields where possible

Ex) Make first and last name to just name.

– Leave out unnecessary fields like facts.

– You probably already have their phone and email.

And try to stick to the bare minimum number of fields to accomplish a goal.� Don’t bog it down with stuff you require and they don’t.

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