Why is Mobile Important to a Company’s Success?

April 17, 2013
We've been talking about mobile all month and we're continuing to focus on the importance of mobile marketing for companies. Smartphone and tablet usage is rising and continues to shake up the way businesses operate. With many companies' audience's turning to their mobile devices to find information and shop, it has become a necessity to have a mobile-friendly website. By the end of 2011 we saw the number of mobile-cellular subscriptions increase by more than 600 million within a year, to a total of 6 billion globally. And one-third of the population worldwide was online.


So why is mobile important to a companies success?

Simple. If you want to grow your business you need to reach more customers and to do that you need to go mobile. This is the best way you can target your audience and communicate your brand message with the most success. To give you a better idea of why Mobile is taking over business marketing strategies, here are some facts for 2013 you need to know.

  • Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide by 2013 [Gartner]

  • Mobile Ad spending set to reach $7.19 billion in 2013 [eMarketer]

  • The number of smartphones will exceed 1.82 billion unities worldwide in 2013. [Gartner]

  • Apple and Samsung make up almost 50% of the smartphone market. [CMSWire]

  • In 2012, the Chinese smartphone market grew faster than any other with year-over-year growth of 85%. [BGR]

  • 42.8% of marketing executives plan to increase mobile marketing spending in 2013. [Strongmail]

  • Worldwide business mobile devices are projected to grow from 889 million in 2012, to over 1.4 billion by 2016. [Radicati]

  • In 2016, Windows phone is expected to account for 11.4 percent of the mobile market. [Digital Trends]

  • Global mobile traffic now represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic. [Forbes]

  • There will be over 73 million mobile video viewers in 2013. [Clickz]

  • Nearly 1/3rd of all American adults own a tablet or e-reader. [Forbes]

  • The app store is expanding from 120 countries to 152 in 2013. [Mashable]

  • Remember, mobile marketing is evolving every day which means you need to continue to improve and adjust your strategy accordingly. Make sure to check back for more tips and don't forget to register for our Mobile Marketing Seminar we will be hosting on April 30th at 11:30am.

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