Content Marketing for B2B

MarketingVideo🕑 Reading Time: 2 Minutes

In this Insivia Insight, Justine talks about content marketing for B2B. Developing an effective content marketing strategy can be challenging, but?the benefits often outweigh the costs.

Tracking ROI can be an extremely difficult task, but often the problem is not having specific, measurable goals in mind, or in some cases, not setting the correct goals altogether. For example, total pageviews is a great metric if your business model is based off advertising dollars, like a blog site, but not for a law firm.

For the rest of us, the real benefits of content marketing come from branding and lead generation. The former is the harder of the two to measure, but there are ways. For lead generation, conversions – either hard or soft conversions – will be the correct metric to use. Bounce rate is also an important metric, because a high bounce rate means your audience is clicking off your article without exploring the rest of your site.

Creating an effective content marketing plan can be a real challenge because there is no “one size fits all” approach that works. Developing a plan requires setting specific goals, identifying KPIs and metrics to measure effectiveness, and then executing the plan by creating quality content.

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