5 Ways to Get Started With Content Marketing

June 19, 2013

Today Andy shares 5 ways you can quickly get started with your content marketing strategy.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody! I want to talk about five ways that you can quickly get started with content marketing. The first one is develop a strategy. That’s a pretty typical way to go about any marketing thing that you do but with content marketing it’s definitely important. What you really want to think about is who is your target audience? You-know-what information is going to be valuable and useful to them. How are you going to distribute this content, where’s it going to go on your website, what channels are you going to put it out in, who’s going to be involved in your organization and what actions do you want people to take if they see that content, were they looking to sign up for a e-newsletter so they can get more, are they looking to buy or are you really just looking to establish expertise in your industry by creating this content. So really think about that strategy that you’re going to create. The second thing is stay niche; really focus on what you are really trying to do. You really don’t have to cover every topic under the sun that your business might, focus on, every topic that an audience wants, really maybe start with something small, a very specific part of your business and focus on that so that you can get it right, do it well and start getting things out there and you’re not overwhelmed with everything. The third thing is get others involved. You definitely want to spread the effort out across your organization you’ll notice with our videos that there are several people at Insivia that do these videos, there’s also various people that create articles, create infographics and contribute in some way. If you really want to get started and get started very quickly, definitely ask others to help and it doesn’t have to be a big asked, someone can simply create a top five list, a how-to guide or something like that that’s very quick and easy. The fourth point is what you could do to start quickly is create a list of pain points for your clients. If you’re really looking for ways to create content and you’re not sure where to start make that list of what’s a pain for your customer and then that’s where you should really start with your content marketing. It’s an easy list that you can create value and really get some information out there quickly and then last of all share that information. If you are creating all of this content this content you’re getting started in content marketing, you really want to get this information out there so make sure you’re kind of cataloging what different channels like Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, you know not only yours, your company’s, other employees, get that together and figure out how you’re going to share it and get this information out there. So if you’re looking to get started in content marketing there’s five ways that you can quickly get going and be really successful at it.

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