3 Ways to Use Video to Market Your Business

May 10, 2013

Today Matt shares three ways a business can use video in their marketing strategy.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone! We are continuing with video and animation and today I want to talk about three ways you could use video to market your business the first one being testimonials. Testimonials are a great way for you to the show viewers why current and past customers chose you and why they had such a great experience with their product or service. It also gives you the chance to post those videos to your blog or website and show them next to your products offerings.

The second way to use video is demonstrations. This is a great way for you show exactly what your product or service does, the benefits and it gives you the chance to show viewers what they need to expect. It’s said that forty six percent of viewers will actually go out and search for more information on a product or service after they viewed it in a video.

The third way you can use a video is troubleshooting and frequently asked questions. This one is great because it actually gives you a chance to improve your customer service instead of having customers calling asking questions they could actually find the information online and watch the video to figure out what they need and get their questions answered it’s just a great resource to find helpful. There’s many different ways you can use video to your advantage and this may 30th we’re going to share a lot more of those, so I hope you choose to register. We hosting our seminar on may thirtieth at eleven thirty to twelve thirty with lunch provided so I hope to see you there

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