What is the Five-Second Test?

January 30, 2013

Today Andy lets you know how you can use the Five-Second test to check the usability of your site.

Video Transcription

If you are looking to do some simple things for usability testing there’s a really easy way to go out there and get some feedback. We call it the five-second test where basically you can go to someone that hasn’t seen your site much or hasn’t seen it at all, sit down with them, count to five, and then close it down and ask them what were the big things that they saw. What you are going to get is a list of are elements on the page, whether it be text, certain sayings, certain elements that stood out the most to them. This will give you an idea of if someone is looking at your site and just browsing really quickly, what are they really seeing and focusing on before they move to another page or even click the back button because they didn’t like what they saw. This will help give you a sense of the usability of the site and what people are really seeing. Take that list from that person or group of people and pair it against what you want the visitor to notice. If the key message is about your company, about what you do, your key products didn’t come out on that list you’ve really got to think about some redesign elements to make sure that your site is getting across those messages the best.

So right now if you’re looking for an easy way to do usability testing, try the five-second test, but also remember that there are more services that you can do for testing, and if you’re interested come ask us.

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