Web Design Trends: Using a Fixed Position Navigation

December 10, 2012

Andy discusses a new trend in web design called Fixed Position Navigation.

Video Transcription

Fixed position navigation is an interesting little trend that is starting to happen in web design right now. It’s where you create navigation, your links to your main pages, your home, contact and whatever else you might have and you give it a fixed position on the page. So basically what that means is that someone when they scroll down, the navigation stays in the exact same position. So no matter where they are on the page if you have a longer page whether via content or specifically on design, it’s designed to have a really long page, you want to have a fixed navigation piece, something that stays with them so that they can always have access to every page of the site. It’s a really great trend and depending on the design of your site, it can work really well. The key here is always giving your audience the action that they can go forward and go to another page. So take a look at that for your website, whether it fits for the existing website or potential redesign.

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