Use Video to Earn Client Trust

January 18, 2016

You’ve likely heard the expression “Putting a face to the name.” There’s a reason why this applies to so many different situations in life – people, no matter who they are, trust someone they can connect with. And one of the best ways to connect with your customers – or potential customers – is through video.

As a professional services company, you aren’t just selling your service or product: you’re also selling yourself. The great thing about creating a video blog is that you’re able to show your expertise in an engaging manner. Sure, you can write it in text and put it on your website.

But that doesn’t offer much of a connection.

If you’re selling yourself as a professional services person, you want to be on the video so you can create that connection right off the bat. You’re able to build a relationship with the person before he or she even picks up the phone or walks into your office.

Take furniture giant IKEA for example. After polling over 12,000 people, they found that 68% of participants preferred communicating with people online. It’s easier, convenient and can be done at the drop of a hat.


Making it work for you

Another study found that most clients (56%) felt businesses were more interested in “selling” their ideas rather than solving their problems. One possible culprit behind this: Their content is giving off the wrong message.

Use a video blog to your advantage by explaining how your services can solve your clients’ problems, rather than rattling off areas you cover. Take this time to show some empathy and let the customer know their problems are your number one goal.

If you offer several services, you can constantly update your website or blog with video posts. One post could be about solving problem A, with the post the following week focused on solving problem B.

Take this chance to show your customers and potential clients what you can do to make their lives easier.


Bringing in a real-life person

No matter how good of a writer you have onboard, there’s just something robotic and mechanical in the digital world. You don’t always get to pick up on a person’s tone or voice when it’s in writing.

With a video posted to your website or blog, you get the chance to set the tone right off the bat. There’s no room for any misunderstanding or miscommunications. Allow your customers to see you’re a real-life person behind the website and the company name. A person with similar problems, concerns, headaches and issues, just like them. You’ll be able to connection with on an entire different level, as they are more likely to trust someone who they can relate to.


A chance to fill in the blanks

Think you’re putting out the most engaging, attention-grabbing content? Think again.

For every 161 people that land on a page, about 61 (that’s 38%) will leave within the first three seconds. In fact, even if your article only has 111 words (or less), users only read half of the information provided.

That means you need your message to get across to users – and fast. Since people are a lot more likely to skim read your article, get a leg up on your competition with a thorough, straight-to-the-point video. It’ll satisfy the users hunger enough to keep them coming back for more, and give them the exact information they need to make a purchase or become a conversion.


Find the sweet spot

Ready to start your next video blog today? Just like with content, you want to find the sweet spot when it comes to the length. Keep these statistics in mind with your video:

Video marketing can only help you build your client relationships and conversions. After all, according to 1.2 Specialty Retail Report, sites with video increased conversions by 30%. That was back in 2010. It’s now 7 years later, with more and more people looking for quick, easy answers – and that can be found within your videos.



One of the best professional services marketing strategies is to sell yourself. Clients want somebody they can trust, and the best way to earn that through digital channels is by using video. Video testimonials, bios, and especially blogs enable potential clients to learn more about you and your firm or practice.

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