Top 10 Ways To Tell If Your Links Are Bad

March 25, 2013

When optimizing your site you need to make sure that you have good quality links. In order to help point you into the right direction we’ve made a list of simple clues to telling if a link is bad.

Ditch The Link If:

  1. It uses the words SEO, or Link in the page title or site name.
  2. The writing seems odd and not well written
  3. The site appears to be low quality. This could mean the quality of the link is also low.
  4. The domain name is made up of letter and number combinations.
  5. The domain country is located outside of your target market.
  6. The link is from a directory that lists multiple links that aren’t relevant to your market.
  7. Disproportionate anchor text links
  8. Links from paid Posts
  9. Links from inactive directories
  10. Links from blog networks

If you comb through your site and pick out the links that are obviously of no benefit to you, then you should be fine. It is only when there are a large number of links with low quality that you then need to be concerned.

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