Top 10 Usability Musts

July 3, 2013

There are many pieces and parts that go into providing a great website for your users. To help make sure you are hitting all the right spots, we’ve come up with 10 important elements you need to have settled in order for your site to convert.

1. Site Load-time

Nothing annoys a user more than a site that takes forever to load. Make sure your site is well optimized for speed so you don’t loose the user before they even see your site.

2. Adequate Text-to-background contrast

With so many different types of screens with different sizes it is important that your text easily stands out from the background and design of your website.

3. Font size/spacing is easy to read

Along with the color contrast, make sure your text is spaced out enough so users can easily read through your content without any struggle.

4. Passes the 5 Second Test

Although it is not certain how many seconds the average user gives a site, you should try to use 5 seconds as a guideline. Make sure users can look at your homepage for 5 seconds and either find what they are looking for or at least get a good understanding of your site.

5. Main Navigation is easily identifiable

If you want users to go through your sites content and potential make a purchase decision, you need to make sure they are able to navigate through your site. Make your navigation stand out throughout your site.

6. Links are consistent & easy to identify

If you include links in your copy, make sure they stand out so the user knows that there is additional information.

7. Major headings are Clear & Descriptive

Many users skim a website and if they don’t see what they are looking for then they leave and move onto the next site. To help prevent this from happening make sure that you make your headings stand out and are descriptive enough for a user to understand when skimming your site.

8. URLs are meaningful and user-friendly

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is having a URL that isn’t easy to remember or doesn’t represent that specific page. Use URLs that users can easily refer to and recognize.

9. Clear & Valuable Content

A website can have an awesome design, but if the site doesn’t have great content, then it become useless to a user. Make sure your content is well written and provides value.

10. Styles & Colors are consistent

When designing your site you should use a consistent style on every page, most likely one that matches your brand guidelines. This will help the user identify your site immediately.

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