The Importance of Branded Search Terms

October 3, 2012

Andy talks about the importance of branded search terms and how you should be using them to boost your site.

Video Transcription

Morning everybody, I want to talk about branded search terms this morning. What I want to see is if they are good or bad. So a branded search term is when someone searches your company name or some phrase with your company name in it and they come to your website. Well on the first hand its really good because that means you’re high up in the searches for your company name and some companies can’t say that’s the truth, so at least you’re up there for that.

For the majority of the traffic that’s coming to your site, if you see the top 10 phrases for people coming into your website have your company name in them, what that means is that they’re not coming for your services or your products or other things like. They already know your company name. You’re not getting people that don’t know it. So you really want to make sure that you have a lot of none branded search terms at the top of your list. You want something that describes your products or your services or something about your industry and not just your company name. So branded search terms are good to have to make sure you’re high up on the ranks but you really want to make sure getting a lot of traffic from non-branded search terms as well.

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