How Website Aesthetics Impact Conversion

Article in Conversion Optimization

  Many aspects come into play when it comes to conversions. The first few things that usually pop into people’s minds are elements like content, searchability, and user friendliness. But one area that often gets neglected is the overall aesthetics of your site. When you first visit a website, you’re taking it all in – […]

Should we redesign or refresh our website?


Over the past few weeks, the Insivia team has introduced some changes to our website—an updated site structure and a video-based method of content delivery. However, the “look and feel” of the site stayed pretty consistent to what was there before. Last year, we did a complete overhaul. You could say that this year we […]

How do I improve my bounce rate?


Visitors land on your site, explore information, determine if they want to contact, fill out a contact form, call or buy. If they leave at any point during their browsing process, it could be a potential customer gone for good.