Small Ways to Add Big Personality to Your IT Site

February 27, 2015

Offering managed IT services or implementing VOIP may not seem like the most thrilling service offerings. And some people go so far as thinking these offerings are downright boring (gasp!). Never forget, though, that your services are very much needed. And just because IT stereotypically may not be the sexiest industry, there are plenty of ways to step up your game when it comes to showing off your brand on your IT site. The first impression people have of your business is often your website. So, it's time to make it more fab than drab. Here are four small ways you can add big personality to your IT site:

Leverage Your Employees

When wanting to add personality to your company, look to your employees! Each person you employ has a unique personality of their own. Leveraging their personalities can set your company apart from other IT Firms. For example, IT Corps features its CEO front and center on the homepage. The tagline, "IT with Edge," is reflective of Mike's appearance and ties perfectly into the company's overall demeanor.

IT Corps also goes on to showcase the employees personalities in its Meet the Team section of the website, where we learn that Mike is a former United States Marine who "took pride in implementing some of the principles, ethics and standards that are instilled in each Marine into his own business practices... Honor, Courage and Commitment are more than just words to Mike. These traits are what set Mike and his company, IT Corps, apart from others." Don't be afraid to draw a closer connection between your website's branding and your employees' personalities.

Stop with the Stock Photos

This tip piggybacks off of leveraging your employees. People, especially potential customers, don't want to see stock photography throughout your site. Oh, that man with the headset on and a big goofy grin across his face? He'll be helping me with technical support? I highly doubt it. Spend a little extra money to hire a photographer to come out and capture some really great action shots (stills and video) of your employees at work.

Nearly half, 46 percent, of people say a website's design is the number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company. So, why would you not use credible imagery?

Make Your Voice Relatable

Let's face it. Not everyone understands IT and the complexities involved in its various services. And though I can rattle off the terms Network as a Service, VOIP, cloud-based services and Disaster Recovery, it would take me hours of research in order to speak intellectually on the subject matter. Talk to your audience as if you're one of them. Here, FIT Technologies taps into the frustration people feel when their servers crash -- I know I've said a few four-letter words during similar times...

Instead of saying "Learn more about Infrastructure Optimization" -- the service page the CTA links to -- FIT keeps the conversation relatable by revealing it can "resolve this frustration and productivity lag." Ahh, words any professional can understand.

Customize Your 404 Error Page

An often overlooked page on your site is the 404 error page. Traditionally, 404 pages feature "This page is not found" -- or similar -- copy. This is a perfect place to add some custom content. Direct them to your homepage or list the services you provide so they can easily get to what they're looking for. Better yet, add some humor to the page.

Disclaimer, this isn't an IT company. But the message still stands -- look for creative ways to add personality to all of your site's pages. They key is to make sure it works with your overall brand messaging and web design.

Looking for help implementing some of these ideas on your site? Contact us today to discuss website redesign options.

Justine Timoteo is an Inbound Marketing Strategist who serves as a high-level advisor and go-to person for strategy and customer happiness. Most of her days are spent developing a marketing plans that incorporate content strategy and creation, SEO, demand generation tactics and marketing automation. When she's not developing successful strategies or reading up on the latest marketing trends, she's off exploring Cleveland or adding stamps in her passport. Connect with Justine on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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