Should You Be Considering a Technology Tune-Up?

January 17, 2013

Today Andy lets you know if you should consider doing a technology tune up for a recently launched website.

Video Transcription

So does it make sense to do a tech tune up on your new website, say it’s only a year old, maybe less than 3 years old. Should you come in and do a technology tune up? Which is basically coming in and optimizing the code, doing some enhancements with new techniques that have come out, and other aspects that are really behind the scenes that now one will see but will really improve the site. There are some reasons to do that, to come in and speed up the website. There are enhancements that you can do that will really speed it up which is good for search optimization, the visitor’s experience and other aspects like that. Other things you can do are improving the new techniques of coding that are out there that will make the site more compliant for browsers, be more forward compatible as new browsers and mobile devices come out, and other things. Just keep the site up to date so that it doesn’t get to far behind. Even if you have recently launched a site, you may want to consider having a firm come in and do a behind the scenes technology tunes up. Something that can be simple, cost effective, and adds some real bonuses now and down the line.

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