Should you Add Marketing Text to your Documents?

December 26, 2012

Andy talks about a few ways you can turn your company documents into marketing material.

Video Transcription

Morning, everybody! I wanted to quickly talk about something simple you can do to help promote your business. Putting marketing text and information on company documents is a great way to utilize stuff that is already going out to existing clients,?to the rest of the audience you have, vendors and other people, to make sure that you're really getting your brand messages and actions out there. So if you have things like invoices, receipts, letters that go out from the company, even bills and checks.

You really want to think about what marketing messages are on there. What are you saying about your brand, what are you saying about your company, to make sure that people understand what you do and why you matter. And then also putting actions on those pieces, so if you have an invoice and you talk about a new service that you are promoting this month, put it on there for just this month and next month you can change it, and put an action to it. Where should they go? So if they want to learn about this new product or service, what can they do to find out more and convert.

So make sure you're using all the documents and all the pieces that are in the eco system of your business to market your business and establish that brand. So do that today and make sure you're getting as much as you can out there.

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