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SEO Ranking Factors

What criteria influence your search rank? Find out below.

What are ranking factors?

Google and other search engines have algorithms and systems that constantly scour the internet to determine where sites should rank.

Often results are determined real-time when someone searches, but there are factors that search engines have already measured for your site that are used in their equations to determine where you should rank for a term.

Below is a listing of ranking factors. This list is an ongoing and ever-changing resource that we are adding to and removing factors from as we learn more.

Take a look and feel free to suggest or provide feedback on a ranking factor by reaching out via our contact form.

“Hidden” Content on Mobile

Priority: Medium

Hidden content on mobile devices may not get indexed (or may not be weighed as heavily) vs. fully visible content. However, a Googler recently stated that hidden content is OK. But also said that in the same video, “…if it’s critical content it should be visible…”.


Keyword in Title Tag

Priority: High

Although not as important as it once was, your title tag remains an important on-page SEO signal. One factor that increases it’s importance though is that it often acts as the text used for inbound links.

Country TLD extension

Priority: Low

Having a Country Code Top Level Domain (.cn, .pt, .ca) can help the site rank for that particular country… but it can limit the site’s ability to rank globally.

Public vs. Private WhoIs

Priority: Low

When I checked the whois on them, they all had “whois privacy protection service” on them. That’s relatively unusual. …Having whois privacy turned on isn’t automatically bad, but once you get several of these factors all together, you’re often talking about a very different type of webmaster than the fellow who just has a single site or so.

Domain Age

Priority: Low

Domain age isn’t referring just to how long you have owned a given domain name, but instead how long it has been since Google first indexed that domain, or saw a link to the domain.

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