Public Relations

Get your message picked up by the outlets your audience engages.

Our team leverages existing contact, acquired lists and technology solutions to reach and convince publishers.

Source and write compelling stories for press releases that entice media.

Manage, distribute and follow-up on stories to press contacts.

Build and manage lists of custom target media.

Monitor media requests and submit proposals.

Secure interviews and speaking engagements with target groups or strategic channels.

Training for media interviews & helping you prepare for speaking opportunities.

Influencer Marketing

Leverage other people's established target audiences.

Influencers build large volumes of rabid fans that often fit within very narrow target demographics and firmographics. 

With the right influencers and offerings presented in a strategic way, it allows you to reach a wide audience quickly utilizing their trust to drive increased conversions.

Identify influencers with significant audiences that fit audience targeting to reach the right people.

Develop compelling engagement strategies to influence audiences to gain awareness and drive actions.

Reach out to influencers and negotiate partnership strategies.

Develop campaigns the reach and continue to engage the target audiences.


Build a pay for performance network that drives scale quickly.

Affiliate programs are one of the most powerful ways to drive conversions with low acquisition costs.

Create an affiliate model with commission structure and target audiences.

Integrate technologies to streamline affiliate tracking and payouts.

Identify, target, and invite the ideal affiliate partners that have an existing list of red-hot buyers in a related market.

Launch powerful affiliate partner campaigns that get affiliates eager to promote and provides resources to ensure their success with your offer.


Build a network of integrated partners  to resell or implement your offerings.

A smart partner program can offset marketing and sales and provide a win-win scenario.

Build a partner program model, structure, and partner marketing program.

Partner marketing and acquisition campaigns to build and work with partners.