Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

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Analysed by contract value, field sales are primarily evident for companies with median deals over $25K. Inside sales strategies are most popular for companies with $1K-$25K median deal sizes

Because of the losses in the early days, which get bigger the more successful the company is at acquiring customers, it is much harder for management and investors to figure out whether a SaaS business is financially viable.

51% of large (revenue >$2.5million) SaaS companies use field sales as their primary method of distribution

In 2018, the revenue of General Dynamics amounted to nearly 36.2 billion U.S. dollars.

The median startup spends 92% of first year revenue on customer acquisition, taking 11-months to payback their Customer Acquisition Cost

In all SaaS businesses there will likely come a moment where they realize that not all customers are created equal

SaaS organizations are now operating in over 100 countries

High-growth companies are 8X more likely to reach $1 billion in revenues than those growing less than 20%.

The venture-backed companies that were acquired most often had a 7 percent share of female execs, as opposed to 3 percent at unsuccessful (unacquired) firms

Software and online services are in a period of dizzying growth

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