Everything is designed. Few things are designed well

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Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.

Designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organising and manipulating of words and pictures

83% of China’s digital shoppers made an online purchase in the past month

Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute

The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years.

People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.

Comic Sans is never an acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns.

Without good design it is easy to miss the point

Cloud-hosted applications have a 99% uptime

Cloud application services (SaaS) to reach $126 billions by the end of 2021