How Do Search Engine Robots Work?

Video🕑 Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Today Rick explains how Search Engine robots work and what you need to do to prepare your site for them.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, with this month being SEO focus here at Insivia, I want to today about robots. Now these are not the robots that you find in the sci-fi movies these are the robots that scan through your website and tell the search engines exactly what information is on your page so when people are searching in the search engines potential clients and customers can find your information very easily. Everyone knows or mostly everyone knows that your website is made up of multiple lines of html code. The way the robots work as they scan each individual line looking for the substance or the meat of exactly what you are website is about. Things the can help this out are your H1 tag, your Meta tags and just making sure that your developer has the sense of how this works to making sure the code is clean and easy to understand and dictate for these robots. Sites such as flash although look nice on the front, the code is written in a different way where these robots cannot find the substance of the content of your website so it makes it very hard for a flash website to be index within the search engines. Typically these robots are triggered by multiple links pinpointed back to your site, so even though you upload or make one of your websites live it’s not going to get indexed immediately. The more traffic you have sending back with more links that you have pointing to your site will trigger these robots to go scan through the html code of your site and display it what the content is within your pages and since it’s not an immediate process what you can do if you want to immediately make your site live and speed up the process of having these robots index your content online you could just submit a XML site map directly to Google through their webmaster tools.