How Does Mobile Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?

April 8, 2013

Today Andy lets you know how you can work mobile into your marketing strategy.

Video Transcription

Business-to-business companies often ask how mobile fits into their marketing strategy. Many times we hear business-to-business companies saying that people aren’t coming to the site of mobile phones to learn about their services of do business with them. That might be the case but really what you have to look out for is how you’re doing your other marketing strategies and how mobile might fit into that. If you’re doing search optimization and typically you’re using content marketing and social media and email marketing is part of that strategy to drive visitors to your website, learn about your services, find expertise and do business with you. Many times when you’re doing those other marketing aspects people are finding them on their mobile devices. That could be them going to Linkedin, that could be them on their Facebook page reading an email through their phone or whatever it might be and then being driven to your site so it’s really important to make sure that even though you don’t think you get a lot of visitors to your site looking for your services particularly or coming to your home page through mobile devices, they probably are doing it for your content marketing campaigns, your social media campaigns, your email marketing campaigns and these other pieces. So really think about if you’re doing any of those tactics for your business to drive visitors to your site you really need to consider mobile as part of that strategy so make sure you are consider that mobile web site and make it big piece.

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