How Can You Use Content Marketing in Traditional Marketing Campaigns?

January 22, 2014

Today Andy explains how you can incorporate your content marketing into traditional marketing tactics.


How can you use Content Marketing in Traditional Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of the biggest trends right now and you can really benefit from it by incorporating it into your traditional marketing campaigns. When you are sending direct mail or putting an advertisement in a magazine or another traditional channel it doesn’t always have to be a message that you are blasting out to mass media. It can integrate the techniques of content marketing.

Example #1:

If you send out a direct mailer like a post card you should try to grab information like a list of Top 10 Tips or a guide that can help out the people in the industry you are targeting. This will make sure that the material relates to your readers and they can actually put it to use instead of just looking at it and throwing it away.

Example #2:

With an advertisement, instead of doing a big message or image, you should really look at building an article that you can include and use it to drive traffic into your resource center or blog.

So when you are tackling traditional media, don’t always drive towards a salesy image and message, but think about how you can incorporate the content marketing you are already doing into your traditional marketing tactics.

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