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Company & Product Naming

A lot is in a name.

Strategy and creative thinking that produces smart brand stories.


Logo & Visual Design

Create a memorable identity.

Embody your brand story and positioning strategy with the right look and feel.

Cleveland Recruiting - Anderson|Biro
DiJulius Group - Cleveland Consultants
GBA - Cleveland Glass Block
Cleveland eCommerce - Heart Health Homes
KJK - Cleveland Law Frim

Brand Collateral & Graphics

Represent your brand to the world.

Digital and traditional collateral that can be leverage across platforms, channels and interactions.

Turn your brand guide up to 11.

With our Frictionless platform, your identify and brand guide become an always accessible central source of truth.

Andy Halko
Andy Halko
Founder & CEO

I started Insivia in 2002 and for over 22 years I have had the chance to work directly with hundreds of companies and founders to redefine or reinvent their businesses.

In the world of business, how people see your brand can make all the difference. For founders and marketers, crafting a standout visual identity isn’t just about having a good-looking logo or appealing colors—it’s about making a powerful first impression. Visuals are often the first point of contact with your audience, and within moments, they set the tone for everything your brand stands for: professionalism, creativity, and commitment to quality.

Think about it—when we meet someone for the first time, we make snap judgments based on appearance. It works similarly with brands. A well-designed visual identity makes your brand look organized and professional, which can be incredibly persuasive. It tells potential customers that you care about details, which can be the deciding factor in choosing you over a competitor.

Consistency is another big part of the equation. When your visual identity is consistent across all platforms, it builds a sense of familiarity and trust. This doesn’t just mean using the same logo everywhere but ensuring that all your visuals communicate in a unified voice. It’s about making your brand feel reliable and stable in the eyes of your audience.

And in today’s competitive market, standing out is crucial. A unique visual identity helps distinguish your brand from others. It’s not just about being different; it’s about being memorable. With so many options available to consumers, the brands that make a strong visual impact are the ones that tend to stick in people’s minds.

There’s also an emotional aspect to consider. Your visual identity does more than represent your brand; it connects with people on an emotional level. The right combination of images, colors, and design can tell a story that resonates with your audience, building a deeper connection that can turn casual viewers into loyal customers.

Looking ahead, with the rise of digital media and social platforms, having a strong visual identity is more important than ever. Every tweet, every Instagram post, and every online ad is an opportunity to showcase your brand and strengthen its presence in the market.

So, let’s not overlook the power of a great visual identity. It’s an essential part of your brand’s strategy and success. As founders and marketers, investing in a compelling and cohesive visual design is one of the best things you can do for your brand. It’s about making sure that whenever and wherever people see your brand, they see something great.

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