Should you be creating content or curating it? Andy lets you know which one you should be focusing on.

Video Transcription

Should you do content curation or content creation? Well the difference is that content creation is when you are creating your own content. You’re writing articles, you’re creating videos, you’re designing infographics, whatever those pieces might be you’re doing it yourself and creating original information and content. Content curation is when you’re taking content from other places, industry articles or whatever it might be and you’re actually curating that to find the best stuff and releasing it under your social media or on your website.

So which one is best? Well really, neither. At the end of the day content creation is really great because you’re creating original content that is going to link to your site. But content curation can be really important because you’re pulling out the best stuff and if you’ve got a great list of good valuable content for your target audience, then people are going to come to your site or social media and they’re going to realize that you’re a smart source for that information. When you’re comparing the two it’s not often either or, but doing both and doing both in the right amount. So if you’re looking at content curation vs. content creation, definitely create that content because it’s really important but also curate because you want to be a valuable resource.

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